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Our hope is that this Guestbook can be used by our fans to stay in touch with us, especially the troops stationed around the globe. Let us hear from you!


Just a note...My Dad (Mr. Crawshaw) was your teacher in Glen Ellyn a long time ago and spoke highly of you.
He passed a few weeks ago and was a great man. Lt. Dan carry on!

Brad Michael Crawshaw

Thank you for all you do in support of troops and their families. God Bless you and keep on rock'en!

Kelly Johnson

Thanks for the show at Tyndall AFB, Fl on 4 Mar 2018! I really really enjoyed it. Your band puts on an awesome show. I will definitely come to another show. I’m glad I went tonight. There is one thing I wish Tyndall AFB did, the signs they had up for your show along the 98 that runs through the AFB was small and hard to read. I only found out about your show was through the billboard that is just past the main gate.

Daphne Gettler

Thank you so much for visiting us at Tyndall AFB. My kids and I loved it!

Andrew Hiserodt

You are,"THE MAN!"

Robert Orlik

Awesome show last night at Edwards AFB, CA on 11 Feb 2018. Thanks for all you and your band has done and will do supporting the military. My wife and I attended the show. I loved it when Gary told us about his military family history. I'm a retired 24 year USAF MSgt veteran Weatherman who is now working on base as a Contracted Weatherman. I wish Gary could be the VA Secretary. A person working here had some of the ribs your bought at the the LAX USO. Super nice.

Brian Siciliano

Love all of you for what you have done, what you are doing and what you will do. Blessings for all of you.


Thanks for all you do for the troops. If you ever get stuck for an old, washed-up spot operator on one of the troop tours, call me. I'll get there. Probably get a coupla other old has-beens (Sound and Lighting) if needed.


I would love to know when you will be visiting Southern California


Thank y'all for all you do! See you at Skyball!!

Trey Klonower

Thank you all for a wonderful celebration last night in Melbourne. Awesome music and even more special, your message to our service members, past & present. I was sitting next to a retired Army pilot, he had flown Hueys in Vietnam. After your tribute last night Dan, to the Vietnam veterans, he was near tears. He relayed how, upon arriving in San Francisco on his way back from 'Nam, he had to spend the night in the airport because he couldn't find a hotel room. He had this young hippy looking kid come up to him and spit on him. He said last night's show was the first time anyone had ever thanked him for his service (tears in my eyes)... You all made a difference last night. It's important that you know that. God is blessing you and your talent. And he blessed us with your gift to us last night. All His best. Micah 6:8

P.S. even though Eglin is an AFB, The Pensacola NAS is close by (where I learned to fly), so there may be a good # of sailors & Marines there as well. Semper Fi...

Kirk Casteel

Y'all kicked ass tonight in GTMO!!! Thanks so much for making the trip (on the 3rd try no less). Everyone had an awesome time coming together as a community and rocking out with the band. Thank you for everything that the band and the foundation do for our service men/women and their families.Y'all are very much appreciated. Keep on rockin'! <3


Guys- Thanks for adding Eglin AFB (30Sep17) to your tour...Kill it! I'm retired Army, and a gigging solo performer here at Eglin (when I'm not working as a DoD civilian during the day). I'm bummed to miss your show on the 30th due to having my own gig. Come join me for a beer at The Other End (in Destin) when y'all get finished! Regards, Rob Romans

Rob Romans

My wife and I attended the concert at Fort Hood last week. Simply an awesome performance by all members of the band! We appreciate your dedication and commitment to the service members at home and far away. I first met Mr. Sinise while on deployment in 2008. I was impressed by what a kind and genuine person he is. Keep up your great spirit.
Chaplain (LTC) U.S. Army, retired, Dan Bray

Dan Bray

Today 16 September 2017, I attended the Gary Sinise and Lt Dan Band concert here at Fort Hood, TX. It was an honor meeting Mr. Sinise and listening to the band play in honor of the 1st Cavalry Division returning from Afghanistan.

Mr, Sinise, you make us soldiers (old & new) proud of who you are and for what you stand for, god bless you!

John Mazzella

We'll be the group of Marines & Wives in neon yellow windbreakers! Semper Fi

Jeffrey Roach

Thanks Lt Dan Band for all you do. Looking forward to seeing you tonight at the CMOHS concert with the bravest of Warriors and friends Bob & Anna Partridge, Drew & Romy Payson and my most beautiful awesome wife Suzanne Roach.

Jeffrey Roach

I was in the real 1st. platoon 2nd. Bat.47th Inf. 9th Inf Div. from May of 67 to May of 68. But I don't remember seeing you there. Strange! I am looking forward to seeing you and your band perform. I have tickets for your show In Pueblo Co. on the 14 of September. See you there. Sgt Michael Kossnar.

Michael E Kossnar

I went to see y'all in 2016 at Fort Sill, OK. Your show was amazing and I hope to see you again in 2017 or 18. As a proud mother of 2 that have served the military for 20+ years as well as a wife of a Vietnam Veteran, I want to thank you and Mr. Sinese for your service to our military and their families. It means more than you can possibly imagine. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH?

Deborah Taylor

Thank you for the awesome show at NAS Whidbey last month. It was sensational.

clare christiansen

Hi there.

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you!!! It was such a great feeling and night that you all came to perform for our military family here at NAS Whidbey Island. It was an honor for you all to give your time, travel, sacrifice from your own families to perform for us. It was fun, lots of fun. The song selection was fantastic. I could have watched you all till you all got tired! :) Thank you again so much for caring and supporting all the military (families as well) . Thank you Gary for your words of your own family history, your LT Dan experience and how the band came to be. Although, I have never served myself as an active member, but I am a retired Navy spouse which as you know, comes with it's own duties.

So LT Dan band, you made alot of folks have a window of time to enjoy life here on the island.

I salute you all!!!

Thank you so very much. Thank you USO for your giving back to our family of soldiers/sailors...

With hugs and love,


Mirria Gonzalez

Saw this beautiful band a few years ago when my son was stationed at Camp Lejeune. My son is stationed there again for three years and hope I get to see the band again! You are the best!! Life is truly like a box of chocolates when listening to you!!!

Roberta Thomas

Fantastic show, Gary! God luv ya and HOOAH for ya! My wife and I saw you and the band at JBLM on 15 July and it was flat out amazing. You guys hit the ground running and never stopped. I cannot express how much I appreciated what you are doing; spent half the night wiping tears from my eyes and the other half clapping wildly.

Jack Regan

Thank you Gary and the entire band for an awesome show at JBLM on July 15. Bringing my husband up on stage was hilarious. My husband was hoping to give you a token of his gratitude (for all you do for our great military) and we were hoping we might be able to get information on where he can send that. Thank you all so much for all you do!!!! We hope to see you in the future wherever we move next!!

Lisa Smith

I was so fortunate to attend the USO concert at Whidbey NAS with my nephew, retired Navy and my husband, Air Force....hopefully you enjoyed the amazing weather as well as the scenic views from the all were incredible and hopefully you will understand if we didn't yell quite as loud as we could...we are saving our voices for the Seahawks games
Thank you for giving your talents to those in service to our country. I do hope the USO accepts donations as I want to put them on my list of giving.

Veronica Barnes

Just enjoyed your wonderful show at NAS Whidbey Island. It was such an honor to be part of the event. Your gift of a show with your talented band given so humbly was priceless. You touch so many and spread such a wonderful message. Standing and singing the last song with you and the band made us all proud to be Americans. Thank you for all you do and the message you continue to give. Bless you all.

Linda Bass

I served 25 years in the Navy just retiring last year and I absolutely love all the support you give to veterans especially the disabled ones. I will see the band for the first time at NAS Whidbey Island tonight and I'm stoked! I own the Loakal Public House in down town Oak Harbor, WA close to the NAS and would be honored if any one from the band would stop by tonight after the show as we have a talented high school band called backyard bison playing tonight 9-11pm. We are dedicated to also providing good quality entertainment to the Navy men and women of NASWI. I'd be honored if a member of LT Dan Band would possibly be our first celebrity at the Loakal. Any way thank you from an old retired Navy man turned pub owner for all the support you've given the troops for well over a decade, my hats off to the band and all its support personnel.
Mark "Shep" Szypula
(360) 969-3368

Mark "Shep" Szypula

Loved Lt. Dan in Forest Gump! I also appreciate so much what you stand for. I work for Knoxville Christian School and would love to have you perform in person.

Barbara Steele

I have yet to see you guys in person. I am Hoping to get to Las Vegas to see you in October 2017.

John Pool

I've only been able to hear the band play on the Internet, however, based on your 2017 schedule you all will be at Joint Base Lewis McChord sometime. So, it's exciting for me that I'll not only be able to hear Lt Dan's Band, (including my favorite base player Gary Sinise)! but you'll be only 5 miles from my home!! If it's a good day, I.e. NO PTSD or Depression fighting to keep me in doors, you bet I'll be there for your soul inspiring music. Thanks for all you do for vets.

Carole Payette MSGt (Ret)

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