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Our hope is that this Guestbook can be used by our fans to stay in touch with us, especially the troops stationed around the globe. Let us hear from you!


Enjoy everything you do for our troops and those that have returned home. My son is currently at WPMA and enjoyed your award acceptance. Was just ready how Hollywood is turning there nose up at playing at the up coming inauguration. It would be a blessing to hear your band and would thrill the troops as they get a new Commander and Chief.

Forever thankful for your dedication,

Earl & Kirsten Martindale

Earl Martindale

We are so grateful for all the service men and women who have protected our freedom- 24/7/365 -holidays, weekends, and inclimate weather. I believe your generous work to support them is one of the the things that makes America great. Thank you for all you do! May your Christmas season be blessed with those you love. Merry Christmas!

Nancy and John Cruger

Greetings from the Veterans of North Alabama Service Assistance Program. We love what you do.

John Webster

Your work is amazing - keep it up!

John Proffitt

Can you please send me you set list? I'm putting together my own band for my brothers in arms. I want to know what songs you lean toward. As a guitarist, our opening song is "Steve Vai's" LIBERTY. But I want to stay away from songs that my play with the heads of those recovering from PTSD.



Ace Andres

Your fabulous show in Vegas for the vets this Saturday was the 4th time I have seen the band - going back to 2008 in Graf, Germany. So thank you again for not only the great music/entertainment but also what you do for the vets, first responders, etc. Also a big congratulations to winning the West Point 2016 Thayer Award. It could not have gone to a more deserving individual.

Eric Gerencser

I'm a disabled Veteran that caught the tail end of Vietnam. I'm still a guitar shredder. I think I can encourage Vets who want to end their lives to think twice. Can you show me to the end of the line to audition?

Ace Andres

Keep Rocki'n. You guys should make some Halloween albums if you have not already.

Kyle Oleynik

Thank you for all you do for our veterans. You should come play in Spokane, Washington. :)

Kimm Coates

Rock on, guys!

Michael Cundiff

My BAD! I failed to mention we are California Chapter 21 of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association. If you would like to see our contribution, look at the television special, "Dan Rather Remembers Pearl Harbor." We are extremely proud, that we were asked by Dan Rather to participate in his television special. Once again, we look forward to the concert. By the way, I've photographed a number of your Steppenwolf Theatre Company Gala concerts here in the Coachella Valley! Best Wishes, PHSA 21 CALIFORNIA/Palm Springs


Looking forward to your concert on December 5 at Waikiki, Hawaii, in support of the 75th Commemoration of Pearl Harbor Day. On behalf of California Chapter 21, Palm Springs/Yucca Valley, we salute you and your band. "Remember Pearl Harbor--Keep America Alert--Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty." GOD BLESS AMERICA!


Thank you so much for what you do. It makes me feel good knowing that there are people like yourselves out there that still care. It means a lot to us that you do what you do. I hope one day to be able to attend one of your shows. Thanks again!

SSG McDonald

This is a long shot but I thought I would try. My husband and I are huge fans of yours. He has been in the airforce for 16 years, will retire in 4. We would love to try and set up a concert at Charleston AFB if possible. I know it would mean a lot to all the troops including my husband. He has deployed 10 times and definitely deserves this. Thank you so much for all you do for our troops and their family's. It means more to us then you could ever know.

Diana Whittaker

Gary and the LT Dan Band, Thank you for coming to Port Hueneme and sharing your Seabees CAN DO spirit with us!
God Bless You, and God Bless America! - Seabee Wife

Lisa Zimmerman

As one of those recipients of your love, I honestly want to THANK YOU ALL for everything you have done and continue to accomplish in your mission! I thank you for sacrifices you are giving to meet with Airmen like me. It was an honor to meet and protect Mr Sinise in Afghanistan, but, many years later when he saw me in the hallway touring my unit in Alaska and remembered me..... TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY! If you ever need assistance in any way, I will be there in any way I am able! Please keep up the awesome work you guys are doing! It means A LOT to us!


Gary, you are my hero and Lt. Dan Band is beautiful. What concert in Czech Republic, Europe?


Please come to Massachusetts near Springfield, I so want to see the band again.


Saw TLDB in Temecula, CA...amazing what you do for our Veterans!!!

We're organizing a huge Support Our Veterans in November 2016 in So Cal - how do we go about contacting your agent for potential availability/ booking?

Karen Alexander

I've been to three of your performances, Port Hueneme, CA, Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, CA & Las Vegas, NV during Veteran's Day weekend and I've enjoyed each one due to the fact that the variety of the music played is fantastic. I

Esie Agudo

I appreciate all that you do to support our Veterans.And I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of you for the first time at the 95th Annual DAV Convention.

Darin Taylor

I wish you guys would come out to Joint Base Lewis-McChord. I'm a Canadian Forces Veteran. Was a member of the Black Watch in Montreal. You might remember our Pipe Band. If you ever do, I know a few buds who might like to go.


My son was at Ft. Jackson in his last 2 weeks of BCT when you performed for the base in September of 2015. It was his first concert EVER and was the greatest day he had while in BCT (for obvious reasons). As a military mom, I can never express my gratitude for what you do for our servicemen. In addition to the money you raise for injured veterans, you gave the SIT's a huge dose of moral support which helped raise spirits and motivated them to finish strong.
THANK YOU to EVERYONE involved in your show. I'm not sure you will ever know the true impact you are having on our servicemen. What you are doing is the modern version of Bob Hope and Ann Margaret. God Bless you all and THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!
By the way, Forest Gump is my son's (I mean soldier's) favorite movie so he'll remember that night for the rest of his life.

Melanie Lee

Thank you for your wonderful music at Wright Patterson AFB. Everyone loves the way you support our troops. You are awesome. God bless and keep you all. “Libertatem Defendimus” "AIM HIGH…FLY-FIGHT-WIN ..."


Thank you so much for all you do for our military. It means so much to know that people care and are actively bringing awareness and help to our wounded warriors, our Gold Star families and to all who serve, even if it is simply doing a free concert through the USO. Yesterday was so special. To see you guys on Independence Day, while my husband is deployed, this being our girls first concert too. Thank you. Your words and your personal time mean so much to our family.

K. Ingraham

Gary, Thank you and your band for performing tonight at Ft Story. It was great ti finally see your band in person. I just retired from the NAVY after 29 years.
God Bless and Thank you


Gary...always liked you as an actor and was excited to see the Lt Dan Band. I was not disappointed. Fantastic show at Wright Patterson AFB. One of the best concerts I ever attended. Thank you for coming to OH and for all you do for the military. You represent the best of America!


Just saw you guys play at Wright-Patt AFB here in Fairborn, Ohio. What a wonderful show! I am an AF retiree who spent his fair share of months deployed to the Gulf. Sadly, I never got to see you guys there, but I loved hearing Gary's story about his C-17 flight to Afghanistan with the USO. Inflight Refueling (Boom) Operator was my job while I served, so I couldn't stifle a cheer when he mentioned that he got to go up to the cockpit for the refueling. I really miss being such an integral part of our nation's defense. My family and I, and I'm sure everyone else who attended, really enjoyed the show and we really appreciate what you guys do for the troops. Thank you so much for what you do!

Ed Smith

So sorry I'll miss you at Wright Patterson! I hope you have a great time there! Tremendous thanks to Gary and the band for being a positive influence on our society and changing our world for the better! God bless!

John Bowling

Thanks for doing what you do! While you are at Wright-Patterson, if you have some free time come out to the Fairborn VFW we'd love to have you!


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