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Lt. Dan Band
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From Our Fans

The guestbook is our way of staying in touch, especially with our troops stationed around the globe.

Thank You for The amazing concert at the MC Air Station in Beaufort South Carolina, we enjoyed every minute! GOD BLESS America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ & Thank You for all You do πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²β€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²

β€” Jacqueline Hayworth

I am a Bassist with the "Warsaw island boys" we are playing Amvets in PortRoyal S.C. 2-17-2024 6days prior to your Band concert at MCAS Beaufort I dont know if we would be a thought to open for your show but you are welcome to come listen and see if we would fit your show. Would love to just play for the service men and women and veterans and it would be an honor to meet the band but i understand if you already have an opening act lined up, thank you ALL for what yall do for our Vets and service personel , you are a blessing for all of them.

β€” Keith Navarre

I have some music and songs for you people to play and sing

β€” Danny H.Thomas

Born with congenital, progressive, nerve deafness, I was drawn to Mr. Senise when he appeared on NCIS: N.Y. I have to admit, music has been elusive for me though, I do dance--kick off my shoes and feel the rhythm on the dance floor. And though I lost ALL hearing in 2019, had only had 2% in both ears for the last ten years prior to that, it didn't keep me from doing volunteer work. I became one of Dayton, Ohio's Top Ten Women in 1981, the youngest and the first disabled woman to be so honored. Then, in 2006, I was listed in 'Who's Who Among American Women, again, for overcoming my disability and inspiring others with my volunteer work. I KNOW the need is great in America, as elsewhere, and I applauded each and every one of you for your efforts. Thank you all for your compassion, generosity and for your sacrifices ... in all ways. You are all genuinely appreciated. Love you all, Sandy

β€” Sandra S. Corona

I piloted a Cobra Gunship many years ago and went on to fly helicopters for the California Highway Patrol until I retired. I am proud of all who have served in our military and law enforcement. Saw you and the band at Ft. Irwin, CA several years ago. It was a great show. I got to shake you hand after the concert. I will always remember that day. Just want to say thank you for all the great things you do for our military and law enforcement folks. You are a true patriot in every sense of the word. Thank you and God bless you. Merrill Gracey

β€” Merrill Gracey

Looking forward to seeing you again.

β€” Lisa Covey

Can’t wait to see y’all Tgis weekend! Harry is my brother & ive so proud of him

β€” Ken Watters

You performed at Misawa Air Base, Japan. Gary started show with " let's get this over with, Lt Dan, Lt Dan". It made everyone laugh. Your show was outstanding! It made troops morale go up! After show you signed autographs and took photos. Thank you for a outstanding performance. I am a Air Force Retired TSgt. Thank you for doing things for our troops and veterans. You do a outstanding job! Keep up the great work you do! God Bless! TSgt Roy Miyaji, USAF, (Ret)

β€” Roy Miyaji

Love what y’all do! Would love to see the band in concert. Come to Myrtle Beach or Charleston SC!! Good bless

β€” Chris Cannon

I loved it so much!!! Looking forward to connect with fans!! Contact me here: [email protected]

β€” Daniel

You all are awesome to be so supportive of our women & men in uniform. I am a second generation NAVY KID and so proud of that. Thank you Gary and all who sail with you. πŸ™πŸ€œπŸ€›πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ

β€” Cecilia A Casey

Keep up the good works re wounded warrior

β€” Doris

Saw the band play many, many years ago. I too am a veteran though I never saw action. And a musician as well So very impressed by the musicianship of the band, and most of all, the perpetual smile on Gary's face!! I have since moved to Hamilton, ON Canada. Would so very much like to see the band again. If ever there is a chance they might come anywhere near here, I am quite close to Buffalo NY (I was born in Niagara Falls NY) or Toronto in Canada, Please let me know!!

β€” Tom Greco

Gid bless you all. Please come back to Brooklyn

β€” Grace kalmus

I seen you in Holenfelds Germany, my daughter and I and a guest was the last ones in line for the night. As we came up to get pictures with you we offered the MP standing with us to get one first, and then our camera died.. It was not a disappointment at all, Gary Sinise stood there and spoke with us for a few moments, that was one of the Best Nights Ever.. Seen you all in Fort Sill Okla once again and never a disappointment, it was super windy yet everyone would not leave.. Thank You for all you do and all the places you visit over the years.. Hope to see you once again

β€” Mona L McBride

You all are great

β€” John S Canning

nice band

β€” Dango Dingo

My family has a military history, seven uncles served in Workd War II, one in Korea and one Vietnam. By the grace of God all came back, keep up the great work with the Lt. Dan Band.

β€” Lou Kloufetos

Hey LT DAN BAND I'm an army veteran from bogalusa Louisiana I'm a Gary sinece fan from Forrest Gump and CSI ny I'm reaching out for some veteran support if you can help me out with anything that would be great Sir God bless you all and have a happy Thanksgiving.

β€” Pierre Pierce

You're awesome. Just now chased Michelle down on Nashville. Bought two shirts. Super lady.

β€” BullJ

Hoping to see you on the 4th! Delta airlines is having a veteran's shindig on 2&3 November in Atlanta. I would believe there would be a pretty good donation. I am a non-combat Army Infantryman with the upmost respect for you and those who fought. Thank you for what you do! Of course, I would appreciate an autograph. Wife #2 appreciates what you do also! Thanks band, I know it's not just one guy who does the work!

β€” Michael Lenz

Just wanted to say I have so appreciated every Salute the Troops Vegas trip y’all have done, sorry not to see it on the schedule this year, and hope to again in the future! 😊 keep doing all you do!

β€” Elizabeth Ayers

The 303d Fighter Squadron at Whiteman is very interested in booking you! Are you available for our Annual Xmas party, with or without the band! Be our guest to the Worlds Greatest Fighter Squadron!

β€” Nick Panzica

I was privileged to dance with Gary at Cantigny in Winfield, IL. I got on stage and my shoes were not steady. He kindly took my hand and walked me off when we were done! My cousins are Air Force and Marines. I cannot enlist d/t diabetes. I have always admired my cousins for their time spent as military. I want you all to come to McDill so I may see you again. Living with diabetes is difficult, but, this has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life! - Kim Evans

β€” Kimberly Evans

Would like to come see you play when you come to Texas in the near future.

β€” Raymond Chidester

See you at fort drum tonite and the concert was amazing ! Thank you for all you do

β€” Carol lamon

Thanks for the concert at Great Lakes Navel Training. My daughter just wrote me and it was great. Said she'll remember that the rest of her life. You really our the Bob Hope of our time. The way you support our troops is amazing. God Bless you and the whole band. And God Bless the USA.


See you on the 19th!

β€” Michael W Brown

Are you playing on the East Coast? I live in MA bout would love to see you play!! ❀️

β€” Joanne Calabro

LT Dan left Nashvill and went Down to Nashville (to the tune of Jesus left Chicago)

β€” Michael Sims

Gary, I was born the same year and day as you. I was also married the same day and year as you. I also have 3 kids 2 girls and a boy just like you and I use to play drums . Many similarities but it would be cool if we talked to see if there are any more. Thanks Jim Skura from buffalo,ny

β€” James Skura

Got so lucky to be able to co-write a song with Operation Song, matching Vets with Songwriters to "bring them home one song at a time". The song is called "Whiskey On Your Stone" wish you would perform it. On YouTube if you'd like to view it.

β€” George Meldrum

Your dedication and work to support injured Veterans is remarkable. Thank you so very much.

β€” Sharon Muir

Hello Lt. Dan and the Band I am a combat veteran here at the Washington Veterans Home in Port Orchard, WA (State) I am a resident in the transitional housing, Building 10 I understand that the Band plays different bases and was hoping that you could visit us here for a set. We have many veterans in the nursing home, some of whom this their last stop, some here in transitional housing as well. I really feel that a visit by you Mr. Sinise and your amazing band members would be a huge morale booster for residents here and staff alike. All of the above face everyday challenges here and it can be difficult at times to stay in high spirits. We have a beautiful campus here and a stage to accommodate a band. I personally will rotate your tires and change your oil, if you could see your way to play here for all of us veterans. I can speak for myself and I’m sure most anyone here that we are huge fans of your work cinematically, musically and with veterans and active duty as a whole. I’ll also personally grill you and the band burgers if you can make it here. We hope this letter finds you all well in your lives, work, and travels. Thank you in advance for your consideration good sir and ma’am’s. Semper Fortis!!! Warmest Regards, Vince Hallock

β€” Vincent Hallock

You are beautiful soles thank you for Playing pope field at Fort Liberty NC

β€” Aris tran

Awesome band! I want to meet other fans too!! Please connect with me! [email protected]

β€” Yamada

Would love to see you guys in Port Orchard or Bremerton

β€” Vincent Hallock

We got to meet Dan Myers in Ohio with his family. It was such great experience to talk to them. Thank you for everything you all are doing!

β€” Dan White

hellow love the band,can gary get intouch with,me veteran needs help.thanks

β€” Harvey Youngblood

Thank you so much for all you do for the military. If all possible 19 August, NSA Mid South, Millington Tn, will be having a car show to benefit the Navy Ball and we'd be honored if you'd be able to play at the event. Thank you so much, Very Respectfully, Chief Petty Officer Claudia Diazhidalgo.

β€” Claudia Diazhidalgo