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Lt. Dan Band
Honor. Gratitude. Rock & Roll.

From Our Fans

The guestbook is our way of staying in touch, especially with our troops stationed around the globe.

Thanks for doing so much for the troops, veterans and their families both at home and abroad! Rock on!

J. Brian Clark, CAPT, USAF (R)

Gary, I just listened to you on Rob Lowe’s podcast, Literally. It was a really fun talk to listen to! I learned a lot about you. I’ve always really loved seeing you in the movies and on tv, but I had no idea about all of the wonderful work you do with your foundation and band. I am so grateful to you for all you do to give back. I would love to catch your band on the road and come out to support you supporting our country. Again, thank you to you, your band, and all the others you work with to do all you do. Hope to catch you soon! Keep up the greatness ❣️


Thank you for all you do for the military. From an USAF retiree.

Edwin V Harrington Jr

Wonderful concert at the air show at Pt. mugu Thank you 💙

Jennifer petree

As the daughter of a veteran I so appreciate all you do for our troops both active and retired. Y’all are awesome! I would sure love to see the band in person! My husband wants to know more about Gary’s bass. 😁

Carrie GoPack Read

I had the pleasure of hearing The band a few years back when you performed at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. I enjoyed every minute of it even though I was working and wasn’t supposed to be in the Room😂. I perform with a veteran music group here in Atlanta and would love to be on stage with you guys but that is just a fantasy. Can’t wait to see you perform again this month. Oh yeah I was in the Marine Corps.

Kimia Flournoy

Thank you and God bless you all

Dawn Wilson

Thank you ALL for your service to this Country! I grew up Military! I work for John Wayne’s Family! Mr. Wayne was an amazing Patriot! Mr. Sinise is right up there with Mr. John Wayne! God Bless ya’ll!

Suzanne ‘Suzy-Q’ Williamson

Would you be interested in performing in Delaware for a COTA (Childrens Organ Transplant Association) fundraiser. Maybe sometime in November 2022. I belong to American Legion Auxiliary Unit 28 - Millsboro, Delaware. God bless you and yours. Carole Baldwin.

Carole S Baldwin

Loved seeing the band and hearing them play at the Tryon Equestrian Center in NC. You guys worked hard and put on a great show. I am an Air Force Veteran and retired VA Nurse, and am hoping to see a concert again soon. If you need any help anywhere in the South, I am looking for something to do! I volunteered for the Snowball Express. Thank you!

Elizabeth Textor

Love what you do and stand for! If you need a B3 player let me knoe!

Vince Marino USMC ret.

I follow you on Instagram- loved your book, Gary. I grew up in Urbana, IL in the 70s. My hope is to see you all perform one day. Lots of love and admiration from Sedro-Woolley, WA.

Ann Smock

Thanks for supporting the troops. Caught a little bit of your band's performance on Facebook. Do you sell CDs of your songs? Would love to hear more. I really love the character you played as Lt. Dan. I think you gave Tom Hanks a run for his money on that movie. Thanks again for all you do. Keep up the great work.

John & Anchalee Jozefick

Thank you so much for all your help with the veterans of our nation.

Richard E Ray

Hi Gary and the band my name is Gerald and I'm the owner and operator of the only full-time radio network in the Pacific Northwest that caters to the Blind and disabled but mainly to veterans who are blind and disabled I own a radio network in Vancouver Washington I would like to start a concert series and doing fundraising for veterans the station and I operate by myself has five streams and one of them is vetnet radio I'm thinking about doing a veteran's benefit concert sometime next year and it's the only radio network in the Pacific Northwest that does addresses the needs of veterans in other daily issues and lifestyles what would it take for the Lieutenant Dan Band to do a benefit concert I've been trying to find a way to get ahold of you folks sincerely Gerald 360-583-7748 owner of vet Net Radio Vancouver Washington.

Gerald R.Gaule

Please consider coming to Ft Bliss, Texas. I enjoyed your intervirew with Rob Lowe. I did not know you have a band. Would love to see you in person. Your foundation does great work.

Art Valenzuela

Would love you guys to visit New England some day! Thank you Gary for all you do for our veterans!

Andrea Barlick

Thanks for coming to the Point Mugu Air Show! The music was amazing and uplifting for all.

James Gonzalez

As a USN veteran, 71-75, I just want to say thank for all you do for our Veterans and First Responders. Praying for God’s richest blessings to you and. Chris

Chris Blair

I like the work of Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band - I would like to see more of the public showing support for our Armed Forces in ways more meaningful than just waving a flag. I have never seen the band perform so I am hoping for a public performance near central Maryland sometime in the next few years. Marine since 1967; Vietnam 1969-1970; Agent Orange complications, PTSD & more. Also served in the USAF Reserve for 6 yrs, and worked for the Dept. of the Navy for 10+ years. Forward, from the Sea - MARINES!


Hello and thank you for supporting our troops! Do you ever go overseas? My daughter, a combat medic, recently got deployed (mid-eastern Europe) and she said they sure could use a pick me up and the first thing I thought of was your band!

Marianne McCaffrey

Hope to see you in the Midwest. I live in Illinois.

Chris mcmillen

Mr Sinise is awesome. Meeting him in Iraq is one of my all time favorite memories! Pikes Peak Chapter 3-2 Combat Vets Motorcycle Association is hosting a few events over the next year and would love to have the Lt Dan band at one of our events.

Rob Benedict

Iraq and Afgan veteran, LTC Lisette Bonano, USA (ret), will be at your 8 July 22, Mac Dill AFB show. She is the Republican Candidate for Florida House District 67 Seat. If you would, we request that you would recognize her during the show. Thank You

Timothy P McNeely

Just saw you at Ft Eustis, VA tonight. You rocked the house (or should we say the hangar)! You’re all wonderful musicians, singers, and fantastic performers. Thank you for a great time, and deepest appreciation for all you do for active duty members, veterans (like us), and their family members. Keep rocking!

Gregg & Kim Frisby

So glad to read about all you do for veterans. My husband is a VietNam veteran - 101st airborne - screaming Eagle.

Connie Brill

We were in San Diego for our kids NJROTC High school brain brawl and you were playing across from our hotel. High school kids loved it. Thank you. !

Mary K Payne

You and your crew are heroes, my nephew Chris Sterr sometimes plays with you, guitarist

Mike Doyle

Would you ever consider coming to play for us here in Manitowoc, WI? 414-313-8469

Peter R. Centner

[email protected]


Next playing Chicagoland area

Christine Schumacher

I just learned you'll be at Dobbins. I was stationed on the other end of the runway with VA 205, 1982-1985, before the Navy shut it down. I'll be there. Seeing the ad for your Dobbins gig for the 1st a minute ago triggered The Forest Gump movie replay in my head. That movie is a perfect mirror of the first half of my life. The timing of seeing the ad is a little weird because I saw it as soon as I sat down after walking my dog, and on the walk, I was thinking about many aspects of the Viet Nam War. My search tab was open to Pol Pot when I went to search for this site from a conversation I had with my dad this afternoon. I have been spending a lot of time thinking about Viet Nam War lately. Mostly analyzing it for the geopolitical motivations and qui bene. Power and greed. It's always power and greed. The power is control over the masses. The greed is for the enslavement of humanity. And here we are at the brink of sorting out the new world pecking order with a new group of psychopaths and a new generation of human sacrifices that have gender pronouns. This must end. I'm taking a stand against this lunacy!

Ted Metz

This was awesome. I recently retired from being active duty Air Force (21 years) and my husband is still active duty Air Force (17 years). First time seeing the band- what a performance. Thank you for all your work with and for our military. It means a lot to us to be not forgotten.

Laura Camiolo

I was at the 2022 DAV National Conference in Orlando, Florida and got to see them perform. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE SHOW. I wish I could have gotten autographs.

Elizabeth Fontenot

Iam Jonathan Michael Siegrist. I have lived an extraordinary life. Recently I recieved my 100% disability through the VA as I was diagnosed with cancer along with degenerative everything basically. Following that diagnosis 2 more of my Marines killed themselves so I have been trying to create a sanctuary for everyone that needs help healing. Would you be interested in helping me do so please?

Iam A Hatter

Want to attend your September Nashville concert. A challenge to purchase tickets now. Please keep me posted. Thank you

Sharon Stroud

Thank you for your obedience to God's call on your journey...on your lives! God's Love & Blessings today and always!


We had the privilege of seeing the band perform a few years ago at Ft. Benning, Georgia. What an awesome concert it was. Thank you for your wonderful support of our troups and veterans. We hope you will come back again this year. As the wife of a retired Army NCO and daughter of a deceased Army Officer, I applaud you.

Ann Tomlinson - Corbin

Saw you at the Pentagon years ago and loved it! TY for what you do!

Steven Hensley

Thank you Gary and all of the band for your dedication to our military. It was my pleasure to meet Gary in Nashville a few years ago, and exchange stories about his uncle and my dad's WWII experiences in B-17s. What a wonderful thing that you do for the ones who keep us free. God Bless!

Wanda McClenny Harrison