Lt. Dan Band

Honor. Gratitude. Rock & Roll.

In 2003, I could never have predicted that over fifteen years later this band would have performed hundreds of shows for thousands of great people.”

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The guestbook is our way of staying in touch, especially with our troops stationed around the globe.

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- svetikUrbap


To Gary and the Band. I went to the Fremont Show for the Marine Corps Birthday/Veterans Day Show and wanted to Thank you. When you first came out with the Forrest Gump footage, I had tears in my eyes and then again with the rendition of the song Hero, not that I am not one or ever tried to portray one, but it hit me hard as I have just started my own battle with kidney cancer being diagnosed the end of August. I have always regretted my time in the Marines being cut short and felt regret for not being with my brothers in arms during this turmoil time. I stayed for the whole show and sucked up the pain like a good Marine. It felt good to get out for a while and try to forget, but it brought back some good memories of the bond of service that we all share. I don't get out too often as the pain in my back keeps me from doing some of the simple things in life, can't stand or walk for long periods of time without pain and even sitting can be difficult. Once again I wish to Thank you for a great show and getting this lonely old Marine out and showing that people do care for the sacrifices that we endure. Semper Fi David Scott Corporal USMC Vetrean

- David Scott


Saw you on Fremont last night. Thank you. Great show!!!

- Tammy Harris


- Mariannazelay


We have our annual Chile cook off Saturday February 23, 2019. Would Gary Sinise consider playing at our event? All money raised goes to Veterans causes. Lenard Guillen Post Vice Commander Purple Heart Recipient American Legion Rider Post 555 714-307-3409

- Lenard Guillen


Just wanted to say hello again. I picked you and your family up at your house when I was your driver for the night. We went to USC where you were honored. Rightfully so I might add. Your parents are just as awesome as you. Your daughter almost had me crying because of her compassion for an old Marine. Your brother took our picture together and emailed it to me. Just as he promised he would. Can't wait to see you again young man. Siempre Fi Lt. Dan!

- Don Garrison


Thank you for the concert - Gary your Lt. Dan Band are AWESOME & most off all THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT!

- Darrin Colwell


Thanks for supporting and entertaining our service members.

- Hanley Kanar


Thank You for Supporting Our Troops !!!

- Kerri Donnelly


Like to see the band in Maryland at US Naval Academy, Ft Meade, Md or Andrews AFB, Largo, Md.

- Tjfurlong


We are having the inaugural Race4Warriors event in DE to honor Vets from the Middle East and support Wounded Warriors and Homeless Vets. Would love for your band to support this great cause.

- First Sergeant Michael Bellerose


Thank you for being a beacon of light to our military and their families. Coming from a long list of family members that have participated in all wars beginning with Revolution War I salute you

- Lynn Huffer’s


keep up the good work.

- John Black


Appreciate your work for the troops. Was sent to Walt Disney World with my daughter, Sgt Katie Pierce, and grandson with USO for Walter Reed patients. Thank you so much. My daughter is a survivor and doing well at this time. My husband and I are at Lawton/Ft Sill at this time. We are big fans of yours and hope to be able to see you perform sometime. God bless you all!!!

- Barbara Pierce


When will you be doing a public concert within 300-500 miles from Tulsa Oklahoma? I am serious..... I will drive to it.

- Barbara Jacobs


Love you Gary, love the band.

- Barbara Jacobs


I am a 25 year veteran and a USO volunteer here in Grafenwoehr, Germany. You played at my unit ball last year in Hawaii for the 9th MSC and I can't wait to see you again. Thank you for visiting all our troops and for your continued support.

- Sean Haight


I am a huge fan of your band and everything you stand for! I am a proud member of Point Pleasant Elks #1698. Our little Lodge has been hit hard. Our veterans committee suffered a terrible loss of their super 50/50 which funds their fishing trip, care packages, and breakfast for our active, retired, and wounded veterans. We'd love to be able to bring our veterans to one o your shows!!! Have a great day and God bless.

- Amanda


Your band is just fantastic, how do I go about in hiring your act to perform a show down in Florida?

- Bryon Stockwell


So thrilled and honored to pray for you and the work you do. Wish each city would have a community of tiny houses for our veterans. Wish I could meet with the President and give it a kick in the pants to get started.

- Jan orth


I am the volunteer ED of a non profit in SC, called The Big Red Barn Retreat. We provide FREE therapeutic services for Veterans and active duty service members suffering from Military and combat related stress issues. We had our first ever public fundraiser, called Big Red Barn Retreat Summer Jam. It was such a great success that we plan on doing it again in July of 2019. Who would I contact to invite Lt. Dan's Band to the event. Our Vets would love to see y'all perform! Thanks!! Check us out at

- Sutton Shaw


Thanks for the DAV concert. Although my husband couldn't make it, Gary you are his hero. For all you do for disabled vets, thanks. You will make my husband glad that someone is looking out for his buddies.

- Amelia Endorf


Hi Gary, thanks for what you do for our Troops, Former Paratrooper 82nd Airborne, and current Transband Leader (Stiff Kitty ) Seattle

- Stevie Luv


Thank you for your performance at the 2018 ELKS National Convention on San Antonio, TX. Hope to see you all perform again. BRISTOL PA ELKS #970

- Kathleen Galioto


I play guitar, banjo, bass, harmonica and sing bass vocals. Wish, as a retired DAV, I could join your group and support the troops. Thanks for what you do. Captain Dan

- Daniel GLAHN, Captain US Army Retired


Keep up the great work

- James Lamb


We would love to cordinate a fund raising with you, Montana Wounded Warrior and the Montana Institute for the Arts. We are a new nonprofit film/Arts school with Kate Bosworth and director Michael Polish. We can Invision an amazing event!!

- Travis Bruyer, Executive Director


I saw the band two years ago in Bentonville Arkansas and loved it. I buy from the GS store and contribute as funds allow. I have at least twelve veterans in my family history, lastly in Nam. Would dearly love to see to see the band play again, and can travel a days distance to see them. Please consider more public appearances here in the heartland (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, etc) to raise funds for your works. God bless you, Gary Sinise!

- Barbara Jacobs


I Was an Infantry Sgt with The 101st Airborne Division during The 1968 TET Offensive. I had the Honor to personally thank Gary for all that he does for our veterans and the families of Our Fallen at the conclusion of The National Memorial Day Concert on May 27, 2018.

- Ron Long


I am not a vet, but practically every male in my family was, from WWI thru the Gulf war. I appreciate your support of all vets, and try to donate to your mission and buy from the catalog. I would like more public concerts....the band is excellent. God speed Lt Dand Band and Gary Sinise.

- Barbara Jacobs


To those who shine so bright and stand for freedom! Thank you for all the joy you bring when so many feel forgotten and left behind. Thank you for your voices and music that lead them to hope. Hope for a new day. To go forward in strength and light where they first started. You are wonderful and truly a gift. To everyone. Thank you Gary Sinise and Lt bdan Band. You are loved and unappreciated

- Margaret Katz


Thank you for your support of our troops. Hope you come to New England at some point. I would love to see you preform. Helping those who need it most. God Bless

- Bob Dunn


Thank you for all you do Mr. Sinise. I missed you on my last deployment. Love to see you come to Buckley AFB or Peterson AFB Colorado sometime. Keep doing what you do!

- Ronald K. Brown


Thank you ALL for doing this for the troops!!

- Vince Aiello


I am a veteran and I love what you do for the military. Your band is amazing and every concert that I’ve gone to was amazing. I will always support you whenever you’re in my hometown of San Diego California. Love you Lt Dan Band

- Dawn Weissman


I hope your band plays at the new Canyon Club in Santa Clarita. I saw your band play a few years ago at the Canyon Club in Agoura CA and you guys blew the roof off. So try to make it here we would love to see you again.

- Suzanne Basile


God Bless You All for what you do for Vets as well current deployed military soldiers. God Bless your families and thanks again.

- Rachel Sawyer


God Bless You All for what you do for Vets as well current deployed military soldiers. God Bless your families and thanks again.

- Rachel Sawyer


Gary love watching you on csi and crimal minds just lost my dad a year ago he was in the vitman war and now I am married to another guy name daniel rankin at who was in the gulf war and had a brain bleed but is doing good my dad name was William stumpf he served 22 years in the army thank you for listening

- tammy rankin


Saw your inspiring performance at the Memorial Day Concert at US Capitol, 5/27/18, on TV. I congratulate you on your mission to serve the troops of our Armed Forces! I served... was drafted... PFC... 545th MP Co., 1st Air Cav... Ankhe, Pkeiku, VN, 1965... General's Guard...

- Michael Read


Cannot thank you enough for all your band and especially Gary have done for veterans. As a retired Navy\Army veteran, starting with the Vietnam era (Navy, 6 years) and War on terriorism (Army National Guard, 1985-2015) it means so much to all who have served. I will admit, I am not a combat veteran. My involvement has always been perifery which makes me feel somewhat less than deserving of the word and meaning of VETERAN. Again, thank you for all who have and my memories of my friends who did not return.

- William Schofield


Cannot thank you enough for all your band and especially Gary have done for veterans. As a retired Navy\Army veteran, starting with the Vietnam era (Navy, 6 years) and War on terriorism (Army National Guard, 1985-2015) it means so much to all who have served. I will admit, I am not a combat veteran. My involvement has always been perifery which makes me feel somewhat less than deserving of the word and meaning of VETERAN. Again, thank you for all who have and my memories of my friends who did not return.

- William Schofield


Memorial day consert. Fantastic!!!

- Thomas clinton


As the mother of an Army Ranger and the daughter of a WWII veteran I thank you and the band for the excellent work you do to support our military and our military families. God bless you.

- Maureen Hunt


Love your music! If your ever in Pensacola, Florida please let me know. Can host or help in any way!!! All my love Reah

- Reah Villalobos


Thanks for all you do! Hope to catch you sometime!

- Diann Pass


Have you ever considered performing at the WWII weekend in Reading, PA?

- Roger Zirk


Come and bring those "Tower Horns" with you

- Jeff Jones


I am a Gold Star Wife living in Coronado. My husband was a naval officer who died in an F/AC 18 Hornet crash. I thank you for all you do for Surviving families. All of the Gold Star widows are impacted by the unjust reduction of the survivor life insurance annuity our heroes earned by indemnity compensation paid by the VA, that holds the government harmless for causing the death. Most widows wind up with only DIC, about $15,000 a year in survivor benefits and zero in the insurance annuity. Congress agrees it is wrong but refuses to fix it. Can you lend a voice and help us? The widows of the wounded and disabled are also impacted, those you have done so much to help. Thank you! Kathy

- Kathy Prout


Gary- Just a note...My Dad (Mr. Crawshaw) was your teacher in Glen Ellyn a long time ago and spoke highly of you. He passed a few weeks ago and was a great man. Lt. Dan carry on!

- Brad Michael Crawshaw


Thank you for all you do in support of troops and their families. God Bless you and keep on rock'en!

- Kelly Johnson


Thanks for the show at Tyndall AFB, Fl on 4 Mar 2018! I really really enjoyed it. Your band puts on an awesome show. I will definitely come to another show. I’m glad I went tonight. There is one thing I wish Tyndall AFB did, the signs they had up for your show along the 98 that runs through the AFB was small and hard to read. I only found out about your show was through the billboard that is just past the main gate.

- Daphne Gettler


Gary, Thank you so much for visiting us at Tyndall AFB. My kids and I loved it!

- Andrew Hiserodt


You are,"THE MAN!"

- Robert Orlik


Awesome show last night at Edwards AFB, CA on 11 Feb 2018. Thanks for all you and your band has done and will do supporting the military. My wife and I attended the show. I loved it when Gary told us about his military family history. I'm a retired 24 year USAF MSgt veteran Weatherman who is now working on base as a Contracted Weatherman. I wish Gary could be the VA Secretary. A person working here had some of the ribs your bought at the the LAX USO. Super nice.

- Brian Siciliano


Love all of you for what you have done, what you are doing and what you will do. Blessings for all of you.

- Robert


Thanks for all you do for the troops. If you ever get stuck for an old, washed-up spot operator on one of the troop tours, call me. I'll get there. Probably get a coupla other old has-beens (Sound and Lighting) if needed.

- Marc


I would love to know when you will be visiting Southern California

- Marti


Thank y'all for all you do! See you at Skyball!!

- Trey Klonower


Thank you all for a wonderful celebration last night in Melbourne. Awesome music and even more special, your message to our service members, past & present. I was sitting next to a retired Army pilot, he had flown Hueys in Vietnam. After your tribute last night Dan, to the Vietnam veterans, he was near tears. He relayed how, upon arriving in San Francisco on his way back from 'Nam, he had to spend the night in the airport because he couldn't find a hotel room. He had this young hippy looking kid come up to him and spit on him. He said last night's show was the first time anyone had ever thanked him for his service (tears in my eyes)... You all made a difference last night. It's important that you know that. God is blessing you and your talent. And he blessed us with your gift to us last night. All His best. Micah 6:8 P.S. even though Eglin is an AFB, The Pensacola NAS is close by (where I learned to fly), so there may be a good # of sailors & Marines there as well. Semper Fi...

- Kirk Casteel


Y'all kicked ass tonight in GTMO!!! Thanks so much for making the trip (on the 3rd try no less). Everyone had an awesome time coming together as a community and rocking out with the band. Thank you for everything that the band and the foundation do for our service men/women and their families.Y'all are very much appreciated. Keep on rockin'! <3

- Barbara


Guys- Thanks for adding Eglin AFB (30Sep17) to your tour...Kill it! I'm retired Army, and a gigging solo performer here at Eglin (when I'm not working as a DoD civilian during the day). I'm bummed to miss your show on the 30th due to having my own gig. Come join me for a beer at The Other End (in Destin) when y'all get finished! Regards, Rob Romans

- Rob Romans


My wife and I attended the concert at Fort Hood last week. Simply an awesome performance by all members of the band! We appreciate your dedication and commitment to the service members at home and far away. I first met Mr. Sinise while on deployment in 2008. I was impressed by what a kind and genuine person he is. Keep up your great spirit. Chaplain (LTC) U.S. Army, retired, Dan Bray

- Dan Bray


Today 16 September 2017, I attended the Gary Sinise and Lt Dan Band concert here at Fort Hood, TX. It was an honor meeting Mr. Sinise and listening to the band play in honor of the 1st Cavalry Division returning from Afghanistan. Mr, Sinise, you make us soldiers (old & new) proud of who you are and for what you stand for, god bless you!

- John Mazzella


Thanks Lt Dan Band for all you do. Looking forward to seeing you tonight at the CMOHS concert with the bravest of Warriors and friends Bob & Anna Partridge, Drew & Romy Payson and my most beautiful awesome wife Suzanne Roach.

- Jeffrey Roach


We'll be the group of Marines & Wives in neon yellow windbreakers! Semper Fi

- Jeffrey Roach


I was in the real 1st. platoon 2nd. Bat.47th Inf. 9th Inf Div. from May of 67 to May of 68. But I don't remember seeing you there. Strange! I am looking forward to seeing you and your band perform. I have tickets for your show In Pueblo Co. on the 14 of September. See you there. Sgt Michael Kossnar.

- Michael E Kossnar


I went to see y'all in 2016 at Fort Sill, OK. Your show was amazing and I hope to see you again in 2017 or 18. As a proud mother of 2 that have served the military for 20+ years as well as a wife of a Vietnam Veteran, I want to thank you and Mr. Sinese for your service to our military and their families. It means more than you can possibly imagine. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH?

- Deborah Taylor


Thank you for the awesome show at NAS Whidbey last month. It was sensational.

- clare christiansen


Hi there. I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you!!! It was such a great feeling and night that you all came to perform for our military family here at NAS Whidbey Island. It was an honor for you all to give your time, travel, sacrifice from your own families to perform for us. It was fun, lots of fun. The song selection was fantastic. I could have watched you all till you all got tired! :) Thank you again so much for caring and supporting all the military (families as well) . Thank you Gary for your words of your own family history, your LT Dan experience and how the band came to be. Although, I have never served myself as an active member, but I am a retired Navy spouse which as you know, comes with it's own duties. So LT Dan band, you made alot of folks have a window of time to enjoy life here on the island. I salute you all!!! Thank you so very much. Thank you USO for your giving back to our family of soldiers/sailors... With hugs and love, Mirria

- Mirria Gonzalez


Fantastic show, Gary! God luv ya and HOOAH for ya! My wife and I saw you and the band at JBLM on 15 July and it was flat out amazing. You guys hit the ground running and never stopped. I cannot express how much I appreciated what you are doing; spent half the night wiping tears from my eyes and the other half clapping wildly.

- Jack Regan


Saw this beautiful band a few years ago when my son was stationed at Camp Lejeune. My son is stationed there again for three years and hope I get to see the band again! You are the best!! Life is truly like a box of chocolates when listening to you!!!

- Roberta Thomas


Thank you Gary and the entire band for an awesome show at JBLM on July 15. Bringing my husband up on stage was hilarious. My husband was hoping to give you a token of his gratitude (for all you do for our great military) and we were hoping we might be able to get information on where he can send that. Thank you all so much for all you do!!!! We hope to see you in the future wherever we move next!!

- Lisa Smith


Just enjoyed your wonderful show at NAS Whidbey Island. It was such an honor to be part of the event. Your gift of a show with your talented band given so humbly was priceless. You touch so many and spread such a wonderful message. Standing and singing the last song with you and the band made us all proud to be Americans. Thank you for all you do and the message you continue to give. Bless you all.

- Linda Bass


I was so fortunate to attend the USO concert at Whidbey NAS with my nephew, retired Navy and my husband, Air Force....hopefully you enjoyed the amazing weather as well as the scenic views from the all were incredible and hopefully you will understand if we didn't yell quite as loud as we could...we are saving our voices for the Seahawks games Thank you for giving your talents to those in service to our country. I do hope the USO accepts donations as I want to put them on my list of giving.

- Veronica Barnes


I served 25 years in the Navy just retiring last year and I absolutely love all the support you give to veterans especially the disabled ones. I will see the band for the first time at NAS Whidbey Island tonight and I'm stoked! I own the Loakal Public House in down town Oak Harbor, WA close to the NAS and would be honored if any one from the band would stop by tonight after the show as we have a talented high school band called backyard bison playing tonight 9-11pm. We are dedicated to also providing good quality entertainment to the Navy men and women of NASWI. I'd be honored if a member of LT Dan Band would possibly be our first celebrity at the Loakal. Any way thank you from an old retired Navy man turned pub owner for all the support you've given the troops for well over a decade, my hats off to the band and all its support personnel. Cheers, Mark "Shep" Szypula LCDR USN Ret. (360) 969-3368

- Mark "Shep" Szypula


Loved Lt. Dan in Forest Gump! I also appreciate so much what you stand for. I work for Knoxville Christian School and would love to have you perform in person.

- Barbara Steele


I have yet to see you guys in person. I am Hoping to get to Las Vegas to see you in October 2017.

- John Pool


I've only been able to hear the band play on the Internet, however, based on your 2017 schedule you all will be at Joint Base Lewis McChord sometime. So, it's exciting for me that I'll not only be able to hear Lt Dan's Band, (including my favorite base player Gary Sinise)! but you'll be only 5 miles from my home!! If it's a good day, I.e. NO PTSD or Depression fighting to keep me in doors, you bet I'll be there for your soul inspiring music. Thanks for all you do for vets.

- Carole Payette MSGt (Ret)


I bumped into Gary S. while I was serving in Afghanistan, summer of 06. I did not acknowledge him as I did not recognize him. I was having a very bad day, I was somewhere around a 24 hour day by then, and I was splashing water on my face to get ready to continue my work. I wanted to apologize to Gary S. for failing to just say hi but some days were pretty bad and focus tended to be elsewhere. Thank you.

- John T. Barton


Great work Gary. So proud of you. Hope you get to do a gig in Hot Springs, Arkansas for the Veteran's Administration Hospital here some day. Keep up the great work!

- Jerry Lassiter


Lt. Dan Band, I'm a Vietnam veteran with a 100% service connected disability. I love the band and in particular the things Gary Sinise does for the military, veterans and their families. I know Gary's and the Bands schedules are extremely busy, but my Vietnam Veterans of America Post 106 is hosting our 30th anniversary NamJam on October 21, 2017 at Reid Park in Tucson, Arizona. It would be an honor and a blessing for the Band and your friends to come and play for our veterans, soldiers, friends and families. We've changed our name this year from NamJam to Nam to Sand Jam to be inclusive of our younger brothers and sisters who have participated in post Vietnam incursions, such as Iraq, Afghanistan and our current war on Isis. God Bless, and hope to hear from you on your availability to participate in our event.

- Jake Jacobs


We were able to see your wonderful concert at Fort Campbell a few years ago and are looking forward to seeing you at Fort Hood!!! Thank you for all you do for the military community! It means so much to all of us!!!

- Susan


Thank you for all you do for our troops.

- MSgt Michael Bursk (retired)


Love you guys AND that Gary is from Chicago where I have lived my whole life. In fact, I am throwing a charity benefit concert on May 18th in the Gold Coast to support Mission 22 - a Non Profit that provides resources for veterans who come home from fighting for our country only to suffer from PTSD and other mental health issues. 22 a day on average are taking their lives. 22!! I've got a number of Chicago musicians participating and the event is going to be great but would be INCREDIBLE if you guys could make an appearance? You would be helping to save lives. Literally.

- Ryan Pedersen


Hey Lt Dan Band we are having a welcome home event for Post 911 vets at the Health Care Center being constructed here in Butler Pa. The date is 09/09/17. I am an Army Veteran myself as well as a huge fan of what you do and would be honored to have you or possibly a suggestion of who else may be willing if you are booked. Respectfully James Moreland BUTLER VAMC.



Love you guys! Thank you so much for doing all you do for the troops. Gary Sinise is a true American hero.

- Linda Huffman


Gary, ladies, and gentlemen, My wife and I just returned from the concert you all put on at Camp Lejeune. It was spectacular...thanks for all you do. I retired from active duty after 30 years and another 11 as a civil servant with the Marine Corps and I really appreciate the genuine love you each have for our military. I am not ashamed to admit that my eyeballs started sweating while you were singing and playing " Proud to be an American." May God hold each of you in the palm of His deserve it. Very respectfully, Col (Ret) Bob and Susan Hayes

- Bob Hayes


I seen a great concert Friday night. I loved your character in Forest Gump, and it's great to see what you and your foundation is doing, not only for the Servicemen but also their families. I am sure Barksdale AFB thanks you, and as a disabled Vet I thank you for all you do.

- Alan Carroll


Last night March 4. 2017 Fort Bragg North Carolina One awesome show, Thank you Gary Sinise and the LT. Dan Band . And thanks to your special Guest Stolen Silver.The best concert I have been to, Thank you all for what you do. My granddaughter and I will have wonderful memories standing by the stage dancing and singing with you all, and a heart felt Thank you to all our men and women past and present military. From this Army wife and mom of two that is now serving .

- Cin Napier


Thank you for the work you do for our military and veterans!

- Randall Hollar


Dear Gary and the Band, I haven't seen you guys perform in 8 years! I have seen you perform in Great Lakes, IL. Amazing then and now! The family and I have seen you perform last night on Pearl Harbor! The husband and I loved the show. I hope it won't 8 more years before I see you again. THANKS for thinking of the troops and your continued work. Break A Leg! --Melissa.

- Melissa


Looking forward to seeing you at Pearl Harbor tomorrow!

- Joseph Murphy


What would it take to bring the band to our Military Winterfest, 22-26 Feb 2018? Proceeds go to the National Veterans Wellness & Healing Center for retreat of veterans suffering from PTS.

- Leland Hopson


I met Danny and Beth Gottlieb over Christmas at our church where they played for the choir. They were so friendly and are a credit to the Band and what they do. I'm a Vietnam veteran and support Lt. Dan Band in what ever they do. I hope they get to read this message. And hope they return to Disney.

- Calvin Dolsay


Hi, just want to say thank you for all you do for our troops. I have not had the pleasure of seeing y'all in concert but would really love to some day soon. and again thank you.

- Justin


Hi Gary, I've been a military musician for six years now. A few years back we caught your show at Ft. Drum and my kids were invited on stage to sing and dance. They are much older. Ow and would like to have to opportunity for dad and them to "sit in with the band" in March when you guys stop in to Ft. Bragg...the girls would be ticked and even more so if we all had the opportunity...

- Christian Schenk


When will you play for all the troops in the Hampton Roads area again?? We have so many branches of military theoughout the area. I am a miltary wife myself and would love to see another concert!!!

- Kate


If my perfect world, the Lt. Dan Band would play @ The Inaugaration. Salute.

- FC1 Plummer


Great to see all of you using your talents for a great cause. Lexington, NC

- Tim Owens